KOTRA Los Angeles is proud to present a recruitment platform for Korean professionals seeking employment in the United States. K-MOVE acts as a hub for Global Talent Recruitment services, available to all businesses and public institutions in need of overseas human resources and persons with outstanding knowledge and experience in the fields of management, technology, education, and knowledge services among others, whose qualifications match specific criteria as stipulated in the Enforcement Decree of the Immigration Control Act. 

Who we are looking for

We wish to attract individuals equipped with specific knowledge and experience in the fields of business administration, technology, education, and knowledge services (Korean students studying overseas and overseas Korean included).

  • Corporate executives, researchers, scientists, engineers, professors, as well as professionals in the fields of finance, banking, medical sciences, design, architecture, construction, and cutting-edge industries (e.g. IT, BT, new advanced materials, etc) are encouraged to apply
  • Eligibility for visa issuance: E-1 (Professorship), E-3 (Research), E-4 (Technological Transfer), E-5 (Professional Employment), E-7 (Special Occupation), D-8 (Corporate Employment)

If you have questions regarding Global Talent Recruitment or wish to see current position list, please contact:

Jung Han Shin
Human Resources Consultant
323.954.9500 Ext 145

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