Medyssey Co., Ltd. is the company specialized in the orthopedic and neurosurgery fields considering the human life as well as the human health as the most valuable assets under the company motto of ‘Thinking Up, Passion Up, Soaring Up Possible through Medyssey.’
Ever since 2003, Medyssey’s effort for these ideal has led us to the rapid growth in the past short
term in both the domestic market and the overseas market with our best top-notched and brand-
new unique product line.

Product: Spine Implant System “Varian Expandable Cage “

When the Varian Expandable Cage is implanted in the interdiscal spacer,
it is expanded to 90 degrees in the clock-wisedirection by one-turning mechanism and when it is fully expanded, it offers 8-10 degrees to maintain the natural lordotic angle. Consequently, it had the following remarkable advantages.