Automotive Companies


Seven Carwash Korea Inc.

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Seven Carwash Korea Inc. was founded in 2005, and since then, we have developed and manufactured steam jet car washing machines as one of the best professional cleaning equipment companies in Korea. 


Sam Hwa Tech

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SAM HWA TECH Co., Ltd. is a specialized company in manufacturing automotive components, have provided compressors, core component of automotive air conditioning system, and other parts for worldwide carmakers from the main factory in Korea and branch factories in Korea (JinYoung), China(Shanghai) and Hungary(Szomor).



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For more than 10 years, Parts-Mall Corp., has been a provider of spare parts for Korean applications such as Hyundai, KIA, GM Daewoo, and Ssangyong.  We have been a specialist for all kinds of spare parts, not focusing on a specific part or category.  These products have been supplied with various brands of each quality grade from genuine, OEM to aftermarket according to every customers’ needs.



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Unico Korea LTD is a metallurgy specialist company that produces Metal products for varying industries like washing machine components and automobile components.  We can produce varying types of components from simple to complex designs using metal forming technologies from sintering to cold forging.  Our process often involves consultation from our engineers; outsource specialists, and University Academia / Research specialists to offer dynamic solutions with confident results.



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CAP Corporation, is one of the world leading manufacturers of Wiper system in Korea. We manufacture the supreme quality products through precise process and up-to-date facilities. We are supplying our wiper blade to Nissan Motor/Japan, Mazda, GM ACDelco, Renault-Samsung Motor, Daewoo Motor, Mopar-Chrysler for O. E. M. And they are sold well to over 15 countries due to their high qualities and our service.



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J&C has been specialized in manufacturing and exporting automotive parts including disc brake, caliper casting and caliper bracket, since it was established in January 1999.


3A Clizen

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3A Clizen, Inc., founded in 1995, is a leading South Korea based air conditioner compressor and heat exchangers manufacturer. We also manufacture compressor parts and many other related products for the automotive market and other commercial markets.


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