• Date: September 2nd, 2011
  • Venue: Ritz-Calton Hotel, Seoul

  • Title: Green Hub Korea 2011(ab. GHK 2011)
  • Participants: 60 foreign participants, 500 Korean participants.

Green Hub Korea is the largest Events (including a forum and 1:1 biz meetings) related to the Green Industry in Korea, organized by KOTRA annually. Institutes, speakers, project developers, buyers, Technology holders in the field of Green Industry who intend to develop Korean partners.
It is the best way to get to know competitive Korean companies in Green business selected by KOTRA.

  1. The 3rd Int’l Green Forum
    • Object : Dissemination of Biz Opportunities in the Green industry & Network Stimulation
    • Participants : 8 speakers, 200 Korean companies
    • Contents
    • Session Details Speaker
      Key note Key note Influential figures
      -Global Green Industry,
      Prospects & Trends
      Specialist in the field
      Biz opportunities in Globlal
      Green Market
      Institutions/companies developing
      in the field
      12:00~13:00 Biz opportunities in Globlal Specialist in the field
      Green Market financing Int’l Monetary facilities
  2. 1:1 Biz Meetings for Green Project
    • Object : To provide overseas green project investment opportunities to Korean engineering & construction companies
    • Participants : 20 project developers(organizations, companies), 180 Korean companies
    • Targeted Foreign Participant : The plant project sponsors/clients in the environmental sector(water treatment, garbage incineration, etc.)
  3. 1:1 Biz Meetings with Global Green Companies
    • Object : To provide outsourcing opportunities to the world’s top green companies
    • Participants : Purchasers of global green companies, and 200 Korean companies
    • Targeted Foreign Participant: Staff/Managers in purchase department that need to develop/extend their supply china to Korea
    • Field including : All about Green Industry
  4. Int’l Green Technology Technomart
    • Object : To nurture green technology transactions in all renewable energy, energy efficiency and eco-friendly technology
    • Participants : 20 companies, 100 Korean companies
    • Targeted Foreign Participant : High-tech companies seeking for technology and selling and licensing with Korean companies

For further inquiries or comments about the event, please visit www.kotrala.com

Daniel Im
323. 954. 9500 (Ext 139)