• Date: Oct. 11, 2011 – Oct. 13, 2011
  • Where: San Diego Convention Center, CA

CTIA Enterprise & Applications™ reflects the evolution of the industry and growing use of mobile technology in business. Building on the success of the show’s legacy, the event will demonstrate the increasing benefits of wireless data in enterprise and the expanding market for applications and content.


Featured Korean Companies:

Pen and Free (http://penandfree.com/)

Digital writing board that does not require any “boards” or add-on equipment!
Pen & Free’s ultrasound pen recognition technology tracks the movement of the pen in real time
by calculating speed gap between sound & light, resulting in significantly improved accuracy
against competing technologies. A must have equipment in any offices!

Enustech (http://www.driventalks.com/)


Enustech company is Hands-free “DriveNTalk” Bluetooth company. DriveNTalk can be operated / controlled by voice or gesture. Experience hands free SMS / e- mail message capability! Highly compatible with the latest mobile phone devices.

 FreeCommerce (http://freedi.kr/)    

FREECOMMERCE Company is Solution provider focused on mobile commerce software.
Freecommerce is a specialist in the next-generation convergence technology as a solution
provider through close interface with ubiquitous-based system. Freecommerce will
unveil “Mobile Commerce-Mall v1.0” during the event.

Onycom (http://onycom.com/)

ONYCOM is a Mobile Application development & service company.
Business field includes SQA ( SW quality assurance ) and mobile device testing solutions. Main showcase products during the event will be “Smart Test Forte” & “Web Test Forte” which will allow efficient & effective, easy remote access to REAL mobile devices around the world.

Emtrace Technologies (http://emtrace.com)

Moxier Mail with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is the solution to your corporate e-mail
needs! With direct push synchronization using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010,
emailing is easy on the go! Get the advanced features such as HTML, Secured mails(S/MIME),
GAL, remote wipe, & availability in 57 languages.

Infraware (https://www.infraware.co.kr/eng/main.asp)

Infraware is leading convergence solution for communication and broadcasting. Infraware
is preparing more advanced technology and future for the bigger world. Infraware secures
technology to provide internet service to various embedded devices in a convergence
environment, and develops new products to apply the technology to make a stand for a base
solution in the ubiquitous internet environment.


SBN Tech (http://www.sbn-tech.com/eng/00_main/index.asp)

TECH devoted to development and production of high quality videophones that integrates multimedia communications over the broadband Internet. Within short time since foundation SBNTECH as one of the first IT ventures activated server with built-in speech recognition solution offering a communication system where unable to hear very well or deaf users can communicate effectively. Our mission is to build a video communication world where everyone can communicate at anytime from anywhere.


EMW (http://www.emw.co.kr)

EMW developed various designs for built-in antennas yet still ensuring maximum performance in small space. It is currently manufacturing a wide variety of built-in antennas with various features such as GSM, PCS, DCN, etc. Suitable for small handsets, EMW’s built-in antenna boasts of versatile designs and realizes the convergence of mobile communications. In terms of structure and performance, the company ensures optimal conditions for the mobile phone and cooperates with the industry towards continuing performance improvements. Finally EMW possess standard samples to meet various customer requirements.


Pocons Co. Ltd (http://pocons.co.kr/)

BOARD TO BOARD, in particular, is recognized for its high reliability with various positions
and height grade from 0.50MM PITCH to 2.54MM PITCH. Just with BOARD TO BOARD
CONNECTOR especially, POCONS owns two patents for new device and makes application
for three patents. POCONS is going to share such a technological trust with the customers. To make a second leap in 2006, POCONS moved to Suwon industrial complex in September and prepared a new base of a growth engine to innovate technologies regarding molding, stamping, total system of assembly and processes for assembling handsets. This is POCONS promise to the customers that the company will make a second leap based on a new concept, new technologies and new development system.


Thin Multimedia, Inc. (

 ThinMobile CDN enables content owners to expand the distribution of its assets to the mobile marketplace and to take advantage of the wireless network as a dependable and cost-effective distribution channel.
ThinMobile CDN allows you to dramatically reduce the time-to-market to enter the mobile marketplace with a minimal investment. Act nowboost your business with new revenue from mobile! Eleven wirelss carriers have commercially deployed TMI solutions and TMI has also provided solutions to some of the most prestigious content providers around the world.

Bixolon’s point-of-sale receipt, label, and mobile printers’ advanced technologies provide a
wide array of innovative solutions for such industries as retail, hospitality, healthcare, banking, ticketing, post/parcel, and warehousing. Bixolon’s thermal, impact and inkjet printer’s intuitive POS software offers extensive customization capabilities. A leader in the global min printer market, Bixolon was a special printing division of Samsung in the 1990’s, and was spun off in 2022.

Bixolon (http://www.bixolon.com)

KHVatec possesses the most advanced R&D capabilities to design, develop and produce the
components that customers require. The company precisely identifies customer’s needs and
combines its broad range of experiences with the most advanced manufacturing capabilities.
Such advanced technologies was acquired through new material development, diverse surface treatment research, new mechanism and product concept research, and identifying new business fields and acquiring their relevant technologies.

KH Vatec (http://www.khvatec.com)


Title CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011
Period October 11th – 13th, 2011
Venue San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA
Organizers Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)

For further inquiries or comments about the event, please visit www.kotrala.com or contact Tae Kim.

Tae Kim
International Trade Consultant
323.954.9500(ext 128)