• Date: June 17, 2011
  • Location: The Wilshire Grand Hotel (Los Angeles)

KOTRA Contact KOREA will host 1 on 1 interviews with the human resource department heads
and CEOs of the following15 major South Korean corporations:


AMORE PACIFIC Life Science/Chemical/Micro-RNA Researcher
SAMSUNG OIL & PETROCHEMICAL Chemical/BioMedical/Material/Textile Engineer (White Bio)
SANGBO Chemical Process Engineer
WOONGJIN CHEMICAL Chemical Engineering/Display Material/Membranes
WOONGJIN COWAY Biochemistry/Cell&Molecular Biology/Food&Science Biotechnology Majors
WOONGJIN COWAY Fluidonics Engineer (CATIA Analysis)
WOONGJIN COWAY Industrial/Environmental/Materials Science/Chemical Engineer
DAERIM MTI Metal Forming Engineer/SQE
LAM RESEARCH KOREA Etch Technologist/Field Service/Field Process Engineer
ABE MARINE Electric Engineer/Instrument & Control Engineer
JCAST Senior Software Engineer
BOO-KANG TECH Chemical & Environmental Engineer


SAMHWA TECH Auto Parts Sales Manager
SHINHAN PHOTONICS Fiber Optics Sales Manager
예원정공 YEWEON COMPANY Business Administration College Majors
뷔투알 V2R Walmart Distribution/Vendor Manager

In order to attend please send us:

1) Your Updated Resume
2) Name of the Companies You Are Interested In
3) Your Minimum Expected Annual Salary

to ck@kotrala.com

You will be recommended through the KOTRA Goldstar Talent system to the company you are applying

** Anyone who is interested but unable to find relevant job positions, please upload your resume at
www.kotrala.com/job-opportunities-in-korea and we will send you job offers from companies that are
interested in hiring you.

KOTRA Contact KOREA는 정부의 지원을 통해 국내기업의 인력 수요가 높은 지역을 대상으로
「글로벌 고급인력 유치사절단」을 파견합니다. 오는 6.17(금)에는 국내 기업 15개사로 구성된
북미지역 글로벌 인재유치 사절단이 로스앤젤레스를 방문하여 해외 인재 채용활동을 벌일

이번에 방문하는 사절단은 국내 대기업부터 중견 중소기업 등 15개사로 구성되며, 실제 채용을
목적으로 각 기업의 채용 담당자가 현장에 파견되어 현지인력과 직접 1:1 인터뷰를 실시하게

국내기업으로의 취업기회를 찾는 많은 인재들의 관심과 성원 부탁드립니다.

Contact KOREA is the human resources development department of the Korea Trade-
Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) with a worldwide network of over 111 offices in 78
countries. As a global gateway for highly skilled talented individuals wishing to work with Korean
companies our aim is to ensure that the application process is as reliable and convenient as
possible. Our services include employment matchmaking, global talent/certified company
verification, concluding employment contracts, visa issuance recommendations, job interviews/
negotiations, as well as a thorough follow-up inquiry system for both individuals and companies.
Contact KOREA cooperates with organizations by industry, related government bureaus,
academic institutions, self-governing bodies, and other institutions in Korea so as to support
their respective hiring needs.


S.K. Moon
323.954.9500 (ext 107)